The Deontics team encompasses a huge range of expertise covering a number of different disciplines, including Human Cognition, Knowledge Management, Decision Theory, Statistical Systems Inputs, Clinical Medicine and Software Engineering. This covers:

Our team includes world-leading researchers in clinical decision support and intelligent systems, with many years’ experience in academic, clinical and commercial research.

Our team includes experienced software developers with many years’ experience of systems analysis and development in commercial and clinical environments.

The really unusual thing about the Deontics team is that most individuals are experienced not just in research, development or commercialisation, but across all three areas. This gives us the ability to get straight to the heart of the problem and rapidly deliver robust solutions.

Deontics Consulting undertakes technical and strategic consultancy projects in the following fields:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Database structure and implementation
  • Decision Support
  • Workflow/Pathway Design and Implementation
  • Guideline authoring and structure
  • Smart guidelines
  • Software design and development
  • Web applications
  • Clinical Quality maintenance systems
  • Clinical Ergonomics

We have developed world-leading decision-support approaches and technologies over many years, and we can deliver anything from focussed research and problem analysis through requirements analysis and design to full implementation of software or hardware/software solutions.

Whatever your project we’d be glad to discuss it with you – please contact Deontics.