Deontics team is a rapidly expanding startup with full time and part time role openings. We are inviting you to apply to join our enthusiastic team and help us develop innovative new products and services. Deontics team develops and markets products in healthcare decision support and clinical treatment pathways. Our technology has deep academic roots arising out of 20 years of artificial intelligence research at Carnegie Mellon University, the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK and the University of Oxford and University College London. We market our products globally but principally to high profile clinical institutions in the USA and Europe.

Software team

The core of the Deontics technology consists of a homegrown workflow and inference engine, called the Deon engine. The Deon engine is an implementation of the PROforma language (*) a published open standard. The current version is implemented in pure Java and it is supported by a framework of desktop and web applications.

Our web based applications and web based services are Java based, tested on Tomcat and are using struts for MVC framework, though we are in the process of moving to Spring MVC. Our preferred web service implementation is REST, but we occasionally need to talk to SOAP or entirely custom services.The engine and services are supported by an authoring application written for the NetBeans platform and there is a homegrown plugins framework written in core Java.

Our web user interface is split, with legacy components implemented using JSP and JSTL with newer versions using javascript, AJAX and RESTful services.

Current role openings

There are not role openings at the moment. Please check back later.

Our offices



220 Screenworks
22 Highbury Grove
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