Deontics Clinical

Deontics clinical products are designed to promote evidence based and personalised medicine and to promote patient safety, and they provide a world-leading capability to integrate individual patient data with disease knowledge bases derived from clinical guidelines, basic science and local policy. In practice they have been shown to increase compliance with clinical guidelines by between 13% and 39%.

Deontics clinical solutions can incorporate sophisticated statistical data such as survival calculators, population statistics, predictive analytics and ‘omic data analyses into their functionality.

Deontics clinical solutions can be used by clinicians, patients and management/providers.


Deontics clinical products are highly modular and include both decision functionality and pathway and workflow modelling. Because applications are built using sophisticated tools, applications can be built very quickly without the need to write any computer code. Deontics user interfaces are designed from first principles by clinicians for clinicians and extensively tested for maximum clinical acceptability and utility.

Deontics decision solutions utilize argumentation logic, derived from clinical guidelines, published science and local protocols, set against individual patient data to derive patient-specific treatment recommendations, administrative and clinical quality alerts, clinical trials for which the individual is eligible, and new, recently published research relevant to the specific patient.

Rationales for recommendations are completely transparent and Deontics solutions will show the user the specific, words, phrases or paragraphs within the literature which justify its recommedations or alerts for the specific patient. Deontics clinical solutions will recognize conflicting arguments e.g. from different sources in the literature, relating to a specific patient, and will present the conflicting arguments to clinicians. Clinicians are then empowered to make clinical decisions with fully transparent, patient specific, guideline and other data highlighted and available to them.


Patients can be given a view of the solution allowing them to review the specific treatment recommendations, quality alerts, clinical trials and recent research, relevant to their specific condition and own detailed clinical data. This might, for example, include survival statistics relating to different chemotherapy regimes for someone at their particular stage of a particular cancer. Patients are then empowered to participate in decisions about their own care in a fully informed and transparent way, and these tools can allow for much more direct and fully informed discussions between patients and their clinical team.

Managers/Providers/Accountable Care Organizations

Deontics clinical solutions have been shown to increase compliance with clinical guidelines by between 13% and 36% and to save clinicians time. In addition to all routine clinical data flowing through a Deontics pathway or decision system, all decisions taken, and their rationales, are stored and timestamped and Deontics solutions can provide real-time outputs for clinical audit and peer review. All parameters can be tracked including guideline compliance and quality adherence. Because decision and outcomes data can be tracked real-time, Deontics systems provide a unique risk-stratification and risk-management capability for Accountable Care Organizations and other providers to benchmark and ‘measure’ medical practice objectively.